The SLO Ballerz practice every Tuesday at Meadow Park in San Luis Obispo at 5 pm.  


We love teaching everyone young and old how to ride a unicycle!  


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SLO Juggling & Unicycling

The SLO Ballerz are active members of the Central Coast Community.  We love unicycling, juggling, and being outdoors.  Get involved with the SLO Unicycling & Juggling Club!

What is Unicycle Basketball?

Unicycle Basketball is just like it sounds - basketball played while riding a unicycle.  Unicycle basketball is just like bipedal basketball, which we purposely call ‘normal’ basketball.  

There are jump balls, travelling calls, free throws, offensive and defensive fouls, etc.  You can hold the ball while idling the unicycle, rocking back and forth.  The major rule changes involve dead-ball fouls.   Usually falls are the result of players bumping into each other when they don't see each other (for instance, two players looking upward for a rebound who collide).


The worst unicycle related injuries are when the pedals slam into your shins, but otherwise most of the injuries are the same ones you get in bipedal basketball – jammed fingers and errant elbows into your side.  


For all types of unicycle riding, learning how to fall off safely is just as important as learning how to ride. Safety is our top concern and everyone rides well, so there aren’t many serious injuries.

Learn to Ride!

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